Profile Match & Merge

Use artificial intelligence to create better guest experiences.

Introducing the premium feature, “Profile Match & Merge”, a smarter way to combine guest information. Built on the most powerful AI cloud technologies (Microsoft Azure) to take your hotel to the next level. Elevate your marketing campaigns, revitalize your guest data, and build for the future.


How does this help my hotel?

Make your guest profiles an asset, not a liability.

Make the guests #1

Create a memorable experience and build trust with complete guest information. This feature will find and combine similar guest profiles to:

  • Give your front desk staff the information to create a great check-in experience
  • Allow for combined guest notes to stay up on the guest's preferences
  • Save your guest (and staff) time during check-in, stay and check-out

Improve Your Marketing Results

Prevent garbage-in-garbage-out with your profiles. Inaccurate guest records and duplication create low performance marketing campaigns. Use this feature to:

  • Export single complete profiles to your marketing software
  • Send accurate de-duped guest data to 3rd party interfaces
  • Increase conversion and return on your marketing campaigns

Get the Most out of Your Team

Easy and fast means anyone on your team can make accurate guest data a priority. In moments team members can:

  • Streamline "Merge & Purge"
  • View all arrivals, in-house or departing guests to see matching recommendations
  • Combine guest records for custom date ranges to clean up old data

Don't Let Technology Surpass your Hotel

Guest data will play a growing role in your hotel's success. Guest profiles, behaviors and preferences will become the cornerstone of personalization, direct and channel marketing. This will will ensure you can take advantage of:

  • Self-serve, loyalty and bringback programs
  • Direct bookings and marketing
  • Invisible automation that will support service standards
  • Guest-facing payment solutions

“It’s easy-to-use and trainable! We are already seeing a lot less duplicates in our property management system. Our CEO knows the value of marketing, as we send out eblasts regularly, now we can be certain our communications are being received by a single profile that is correct. ”

Erik Mund | Martin Resorts
General Manager

“We find this feature immensely useful. I trained our night auditor to use it immediately and it was very simple. With our many repeat guests I am now able to ensure profiles are combined into one and identify our frequent customers to offer direct booking incentives or determine if they are a corporate customer in need of a negotiated rate.”

Jeff Ross | Inn At Gig Harbor
General Manager

Quickly Sort and Find Duplicates by Guest Status and Time Period

Built in selections let you easily de-dupe your records by guest stage (i.e. arrival, departure) and by a preset time period (today, tomorrow, next 7 days etc.) or custom time range.

Use Profile Matching to Update Guest Records Quickly and Efficiently

Using exact matching and fuzzy logic our system will automatically determine what guests should get group together.

Gather and Join Many Guest Data Points to One Profile

This feature doesn’t restrict the data points you keep on a guest, in fact it does the opposite, by opening the possibilities of what you can store. Gone are the days of adhering to only one master record, we merge and keep all the guest data points to ensure you can refer to it when speaking to a guest.

Guest Records Accurate Across Your Chain of Hotel Properties

Each update or merge made by a hotel agent at any property is accurately reflected across your chain of properties.

Keep a Record of Everything

In a well run hotel accountability is key. This feature tracks every guest merge for easy reference: recording who did it, what they merged, and when.

“The system helps us improve the guest experience in the reservation process. When phone reservation staff search for a guest, they see one profile instead of multiple profiles. This saves quite a bit of time and is more efficient and professional. The guest interaction with phone reservation staff can then be far more impressive, far more customer-oriented. It expedites the situation, takes the hassle out of phone reservations. Guests will continue to call us directly – that’s how I think the system could benefit us.”

Xaina N. Jones
Guest Services Manager, Stafford's Perry Hotel

“We are over the moon with the new Profile Match and Merge feature. It is a daily task we run inless than 2 minutes and find any duplicate listings for the next thirty days. It is enormously helpful in identifying return guests, especially those that book online. We would highly recommend rolling it out at all properties that care about Guest Engagement.”

Alyson Short
Escape Lodging Company

Case Study: Escape Lodging Company

RoomKeyPMS’ Profile Match & Merge feature was implemented at four of Escape Lodging Company’s properties, and was able to address their challenges immediately.


Case Study: Stafford's Hotel

RoomKeyPMS’ Profile Match & Merge feature was implemented across all three of Stafford’s properties. Each morning, it now takes less than five minutes to review the upcoming day’s reservations for all three hotels, and has resulted in many improvements.


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