RoomKeyPMS Partner Magnuson Hotels Announces New Branding Strategy

Posted Oct 02, 2015

Three years ago, America’s largest independent hotel brand announced that it was partnering with RoomKeyPMS to provide yet another service feature to the company’s chain of properties.  PMS1 Property Management system was developed by RoomKeyPMS to serve the needs of this rapidly growing brand of hotels.

Today Magnuson announced that it is releasing a completely new brand identity designed to not only give the brand a fresh new look, but to also align it’s marketing strategy with new partners in Asia and Europe – Jin Jaing and Louvre.

Magnuson Hotels Reveals New Brand Identity

The rapidly growing hotel chain, Magnuson Hotels, has today unveiled a fresh new look as it sets to expand consumer awareness of its three brands; Magnuson Grand, Magnuson Hotels and M Star Hotels.

The re-brand is the first in the hotel group’s 12-year history and will help to position Magnuson Hotels as the industry leader it’s proving to be. With the world’s largest GDS & internet reservation system, Magnuson offers the widest online distribution, delivering more profit at a lower cost than any of its competitors.

Magnuson Hotels’ new identity will also play an important role in exporting the ambitious American brand worldwide as it seeks new growth opportunities abroad. This is one of the first marketing initiatives of a recently formed global partnership between Magnuson, Jin Jiang and Louvre, the largest hotel groups in Asia and Europe respectively.


“Magnuson’s decision to unveil an updated brand identity is the first stage in exporting our fast growing USA brand to a global audience,” stated company CEO Thomas Magnuson. “By partnering with Jin Jiang and Louvre Hotels, the Magnuson Hotel brands will be directly available for corporate, leisure and travel agent bookings from China and 50 other countries. As our combined companies now represent nearly 5,600 hotels and over 500,000 rooms, we expect the impact to be significant for our US hotel affiliates.”

“As well as the aggressive online marketing and high margins already delivered to US hotel owners affiliating with the Magnuson brands, we are reinvesting to advance consumer popularity even further,” stated Magnuson.
While the new branding will be implemented on all future Magnuson campaigns, the hotels will still retain some degree of flexibility to choose designs that complement their personality and the property’s location; a factor that has always been an important feature in the Magnuson brand philosophy.

UK creative agency, Stokenbrand, was selected to execute the re-brand alongside the Magnuson marketing team and will continue to assist in personalizing the new identity to best suit the requirements of each individual hotel.

About Magnuson Hotels:

Headquartered in London UK and Spokane WA, Magnuson Hotels is a top 10 global chain and markets over 1000 hotels across six countries and three continents.

Founded in 2003, Magnuson Hotels quickly became the world’s largest independent hotel group. In 2006, Magnuson Hotels introduced three hotel brands serving the upper midscale, midscale and economy segments, allowing hotel owners a way to achieve global brand support at a lower cost than traditional hotel franchises.
Today, Magnuson has become the fastest growing hotel brand in history, adding more new hotels in the last 10 years than 8 of the top 10 chains combined. Magnuson Hotels’ newly formed global alliance with Chinese operator Jin Jiang Hotels will form a consortium of over 5,000 hotels worldwide, equal to the size of a top 5 global hotel chain.

The Online Booking Engine: Your Property’s Online Employee

Posted Sep 23, 2015


The Online Booking Engine (OBE)  generates bookings directly from your website and helps increase occupancy at your property. There are numerous must haves when it comes to a successful Online Booking Engine.

A well designed OBE should have a high conversion rate. In order to generate more bookings through your website it’s vital to drive traffic to your site. This can be done via various marketing channels or word of mouth. Once the prospective guest lands on your website, the OBE acts as your front desk clerk. Here are some keys to a highly functional OBE that drives more conversions & generate more cost effective bookings:

Easy to navigate-helps with conversions
Matches the look and feel of your website
Mobile friendly-it must adapt to your guest’s device (smart phone, tablet etc)
Secure and reliable- real time inventory minimizes booking errors and over booking
Integrated with your GDS or Direct Connects such as Expedia or
Group Login-Group coordinators will appreciate ease of usage
No Transactions Fees- hotels already lose $ when choosing to work with OTA’s. Don’t solely depend on OTA’s. Additional Fees for your direct booking’s on your site are not cost effective.

One final tip is to make sure to attach Google Analytics to your website to determine how much traffic is driven to your OBE. This will allow you to understand conversation rates. The OBE is your online employee. Make sure to thoroughly understand how your OBE can be a cost effective way to increase occupancy at your property.

What Are You Doing To Attract Corporate Clientele

Posted Sep 16, 2015

Erfolgreicher Manager liegt mit Tablet PC im Hotel auf dem Bett

Long gone are the days that an in-room desk and high speed internet connection are the key components to attracting corporate clientele. As with leisure guests, corporate clientele’s expectations have shifted. What is your property doing to keep up? What are you doing to attract corporate clientele?

There are many great suggestions to help attract and retain a loyal business guest. Below are amenities and services that are common requirements for the business traveler.

Some of these are newer trends, while some are reminders of what can be done to build loyalty with the corporate market:
•    in-room use of an iPad fully loaded with Press Reader (a ‘digital newsstand’ featuring thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world)
•    unlimited long-distance calling within North America
•    fax and photocopy business services provided by the front desk, with up to 100 pages for free
•    priority early check-in
•    Late check-out
•    Extended parking for 1 night stays (36 hrs)
•    Complimentary breakfast with hours to accommodate a business traveler
•    Reliable, easy to access, High Speed Internet access
•    Multimedia within the guest room, with easy ability to connect (ie. Connecting laptop to TV, multiple outlets, Bluetooth)
•    Shuttle Service
•    Gym access with ample equipment and hours to accommodate an early riser or a night owl
•    Even on sold out nights, holding back 1 or 2 rooms (dependent on hotel) for last minute business guests (builds loyalty)

Adapting to the ever growing guest expectations and keeping up with current technologies is going to go a long way in building a rapport and loyalty with your business clientele.

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