Revenue Management series:
Things you didn’t know about RevPAR

In our continuing Revenue Management series, RoomKeyPMS partner iRates discusses the aspects of RevPAR the popular indexes to measure hotel success.

Part 1: The basic concept

There are three most popular indexes that are currently used in the Revenue Management science:

Occupancy: percentage of all rental units in the hotel that are occupied at a given time.

ADR (average daily rate): average rental income per occupied room in a given time period.

Sometimes a hotel’s productivity is evaluated based on one of those (more often – occupancy). Many hoteliers still view increasing occupancy as the operational target, disregarding all other aspects of Revenue Management. In reality, higher occupancy in many cases leads to lower profits, when the increased number of rental units doesn’t offset the loss in ADR (see article 3 myths about Occupancy). (more…)

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5 Hotel PMS Must Haves Blog

When looking for a new PMS for any hospitality property can be an overwhelming task. Many questions need to be asked to ensure that you are getting all the features and functionality of your property needs will be covered by the new PMS.

We have developed an easy to follow infographic to feature the 5 Must Haves in a new PMS, or is it a GMS that you are looking for — ask RoomKeyPMS why GMS is the new PMS.


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Best June this Century?

June 2014 is reported the best month of June this century by STR. The US hotel industry posted an impression gains in all three hotel key performance metrics for June 2014:

  1. Occupancy at an impressive 71.7%, the best June prior being in 2007 at 71.1%
  2. ADR was up 3.9% at $112
  3. RevPAR grew by 6.4% to $71

This increase for June 2014 is in line with the newly released Q2 STR report where the industry posted increases in:

  1. Occupancy showed steady growth of 3.6% to 68.1%
  2. ADR increased 4.4% to $115.46 USD
  3. RevPAR grew an amazing 8.2% to $78.59 USD


Revenue Management series:
5 reasons NOT to follow your competitors’ prices

In our continuing Revenue Management series, RoomKeyPMS partner iRates explains why following your competitors’ price is not an ideal pricing strategy. 

Another misconception that is still prevalent among hotels of all sizes and star ratings is that in order to be priced accurately, one needs to follow their competitors’ rates. Unfortunately, this point of view is also shared by large hotel management companies, hotel chains and even some Revenue Management companies.  This is a habit that has been very heavily ingrained in the Hospitality industry, and breaking this norm is going to take a lot of reinforcement. (more…)

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June 2014 – Release Notes

RoomKeyPMS Release Notes:Version 8.5 (Build 0.18)

Updates include

iRates Interface

RoomKey is excited to launch a 1-way integration with iRates, a powerful yet easy to use Revenue Management system. The iRates interface will allow your hotel to:

  1. Interface historical data from RoomKey to iRates
  2. Interface ongoing details about your properties with iRates including:
    • Property Information
    • Rates
    • Availability
    • Key Statistics (ADR, Occupancy)

New Features


Jun 25, 2014 | Posted in About RoomKey, Software Updates

Revenue Management series:
3 Biggest Myths About Occupancy

Occupancy is one of the three main indexes used in the science of Revenue Management (along with ADR and RevPAR).  It is the percentage of all rental units in the hotel that are occupied at a given time.

Occupancy is calculated as: number of occupied rooms/number of total available rooms, and is expressed as a percentage.

The three main misconceptions about occupancy that are still prevailing in the hotel industry are:

  • Occupancy should be the target for maximization
  • Occupancy should be forecasted
  • Occupancy should be the indicator and trigger for price adjustments


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RoomKeyPMS Experiences Explosive Growth

2014 has been an exciting year so far for all of us at RoomKeyPMS. In April we moved our office from North Vancouver to trendy Gastown.

Our new office location is:
#402 – 134 Abbott Street
Vancouver, BC V6K 2K4

We have added several new people to the team over the last 2 months, welcoming: (more…)

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TripAdvisor’s TripConnect™ Now Available with RoomKey’s eResMOBILE Booking Engine

We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our services to include TripConnect™ – a powerful new tool from TripAdvisor that can help you generate remarkable direct booking opportunities.

TripConnect, which is available now to TripAdvisor Business Listings subscribers, gives you an exciting new way to compete for bookings by sharing your direct rates and availability on the world’s largest travel site:

  • Drive travelers straight to your website’s booking page — and make direct booking fast and easy for potential guests
  • Increase revenues — travelers book directly on your website, where it’s easier to upsell to higher-priced rooms
  • Reduce costs — when you generate more direct bookings, you reduce your acquisition costs


Nov 03, 2013 | Posted in Booking Engine, Distribution & Pricing

5 Simple Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation

Thanks to Sam Keninger for a great webinar this past Tuesday that covered tips and ideas for managing your reputation online.

This webinar kicked-off the launch of RoomKeyREPUTATION that ties RoomKeyPMS (our long time Property Management System) to Medallia’s Launchpad platform.  This new software will provide your hotel with a very simple tool for understanding not only your reputation stats among your compset (using both social media statistics and guest feedback surveys) but also a tool to effectively manage customer feedback to stay on top of it.

Below we have embedded a video of the webinar in case you missed it.

Jul 11, 2013 | Posted in Hotel Internet Marketing, Social

6 Reasons Your PMS Vendor is the Right Provider to Increase Awareness and Reservations for your Hotel

This post is the first in a series of 6 blogs that will discuss why a property management company may be in a unique position to help your hotel “Get Found” and “Drive Reservations”.

The Guest Life Cycle (GLC)

Few Property Management Systems empower hotel operators and owners to improve the guest experience at every stage of the life cycle. A good PMS should ensure that hotel guests “get what they want” – but can a PMS help bring the guests there in the first place? Can a PMS solve some of the problems hotels face with regards to online visibility and online reservations? (more…)

May 08, 2013 | Posted in Hotel Internet Marketing



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